Vizio M Series vs Sony X850C 4k TV Comparison

2015 has been an excellent year for new and improved models of smart televisions. Each new edition is packed with a variety of features and enhancements to existing audio and visual components. The Vizio M Series and Sony XBR65X850C 4k TV are two examples that are great choices for different reasons. This review is designed to compare the features of each along with strengths and weaknesses that will help you in deciding which unit would be the best choice to suit your preferences and entertainment requirements.

Vizio M series

The Vizio M series is designed for anyone who is watching the budget but demands high quality and lots of features. The M series is one of the least expensive in 4K TV options. Gamers will appreciate the input lag, which is among the lowest tested. Enjoy online competitive gaming in real time without the frustrations of waiting for the system to catch up. Other benefits of the M series is full array local dimming for enhanced piture quality with deep black levels and amazing contrast in this LED TV. Great connectivity that includes five HDMI inputs whih are 4K compatible. The color accuracy is for the most part good, but not ideal because of the lack of calibration and the feature set is not extensive, but rather, carefully chosen to include the essentials for the lesser price tag.


The Vizio M does not offer the accuracy of color and piture quality as some of the more expensive units, nor is the video processing as fast. The blur trail for this TV is a bit too intense and can interere with viewing of sports events and in gaming. The viewing angle could be improved. It comes in a silver finish only and there is only one of the HDMI inputs that is compatible with HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0. It doesn’t come with 3D or HDR, but the local dimming compensates. The M series does not offer the full range of enhancements and features, But if you want to spend less and still maintain high quality standards, the Vizio does have a lot to offer.


Sony X850C 4k TV

This unit provides UHD LED entertainment with a 4k refresh rate of 120 Hz. It features display color enhancements with deep blacks and uniformity with a wide color range, excellent brightness and amazing motion controls. The design is wide to accommodate the front facing speakers which deliver amazing audio performance. The stand can be adjusted for increased stability or for fitting into tighter spots.

Additional features include Xtended Dynamic range for adjusting colors, brightness and dimming for enhanced darks and lighter highlights. Excellent native contrast ratio with top of the line in black uniformity.

Local dimming, edge backlighting, active 3D with limited crosstalk. Enhanced performance for better viewing of night scenes with 9.0 Movies. 1080 p resolution and digital noise reduction for great images and sounds. Response time between command and response on the screen are reasonably fast which are definite pluses.

The Software platform for this smart TV is the Android OS, compatible with a variety of apps including Hulu Plus, Netflix and Google Cast, CinemaNow, Crackle, You Tube, Pandora and others. Side inputs featuring 2 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 3.5 mm audio out, rear inputs including 2 HDMI, 1 RF in, 1 IR in, one ethernet, 2 composite in, one composite in and one digital optical audio out.


The sub par gray uniformity could be improved for more ideal color accuracy. There can be a small amount of motion blur, but in testing, most gamers did not have any issues with this. There is a limited viewing angle and the ten point controls are not as precise as they could be. There is no color tuner present. The input lag is 37.4 ms which is average and does not pose a problem for gaming. Most testers were not fans of the touch remote.

Comparison results

The Sony X850C 4k TV is loaded with more features and provides a bit more high end performance in the display color over the Vizio M series. For watching sports, it comes in slightly ahead of the Vizio with less motion blur, but the Vizio M series has less lag for faster response time. The best value depends upon which features are the most important to you. The display is better with the Sony in some aspects, but the price tag is higher. The Vizio M is a nice set for the price and provides limited, but still great features, but if you are looking for a unit that comes packed with more, and you don’t mind a higher price tag then the Sony is your best bet.

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