Chico Air Show

Chico Air Show

There are plenty of people that are eager to switch to LED lighting fixtures. However, these people may simply not know where to shop for them. Not all outlets stock LED lighting fixtures. Plenty of outlet stores are trying to get rid of all of their old stores of traditional light bulbs, and that’s what they may have on offer. People that are trying to take advantage of all of the benefits of LED lights for home may be out of luck when it comes to their local stores.

Some universities are adopting programs that allow students to replace the light bulbs in their lamps with LED light bulbs. People that live on college campuses may have a particularly difficult time upgrading their light bulbs, just as a result of their living situations. Some neighborhood associations in condominiums and apartment buildings are more or less doing the same thing, so they can encourage their residents to be more environmentally conscious and energy efficient. Making these kinds of changes in large organizations is often more efficient. Homeowners and renters that live on their own may need to make these changes under their own power alone. Some renters may be able to talk to their landlords or landladies about getting these kinds of upgrades made, although not all of them are going to be accommodating.

Many businesses are now making an effort to be more environmentally conscious. Sustainability is a major trend throughout the business world, and business owners that are trying to improve their image have seen the value of having sustainability credentials. Getting positive environmental ratings can be good for a business in more ways than one. However, LED light can also save businesses money. LED bulbs will still be running years after older light bulb models would have burned out, and they use significantly less energy as they are running. Businesses should all be trying to minimize costs as much as possible, and yet many of them do not even make simple upgrades.


Energy managers will often specifically instruct businesses to switch to LED lights in order to save money and improve their environmental profiles. While in hindsight, this seems like an obvious step, many businesses still do not go through with it without some professional endorsement. At that point, businesses will be wondering where to look as they try to upgrade all of their lights. They may not be able to find enough local results, but thanks to online shopping, that shouldn’t be a problem.

LED Hut can help people from all walks of life get the LED light that they need. People no longer need to rely on local businesses in order to get the lighting fixtures that they want. They can simply order everything they need online through places like the LED Hut. While some older businesses may be reluctant to order anything online, they should understand that online shopping has changed dramatically in the last ten years or so. Businesses should be able to get everything they need from the LED Hut relatively quickly.

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There are many benefits to installing and using aluminum gutters on your house. They are great because they utilize the most important aspects of the material. They are lightweight, so they won’t come crashing down in the winter. But, they are also durable and can take a beating. Many people find that aluminum gutters can last for a decade or more. Not, to mention that they look great. This product is truly a great addition to any home, which is why we will be examining some reasons why aluminum gutters are such a good investment. Keep this in mind the next time that you are looking for new gutters.

Cost efficiency

Gutters should be replaced once approximately every 10 years. If you want your gutters to make it all the way through harsh winters and baring sun, consider aluminum. Aluminum has some very unique properties that make it particularly good as a gutter material. It has little problems expanding and contracting, and endures the sun comparatively well against other materials. Your aluminum guttering will be a great investment to your household. They provide a classic look that will last for a long time. These gutters are rust resistant, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly or corrosive rusting on your gutters.


Stylish and customizable

Another advantage of aluminum gutters is that they can be customized in a variety of ways. Paint binds to aluminum thoroughly, making the look and appeal outstanding. You can customize these gutters to fit in perfectly with your house. Unlike other materials, aluminum is perfectly suited to retain its paint job in harsh weather. If you desire for your home to look original, you should consider installing these amazing gutters.

Seamless gutters

Seamless gutters provide the protection that you need for your home. There is no point in getting gutters that leak and fill with debris. That is just a pain, something that your time isn’t worth. Thankfully, seamless gutters take care of this conundrum. If there are no seams, there are no seams to leak out of. Taking away this aspect of the gutters actually results in a more complete and leak-free product. This is an amazing innovation in gutter technology. It’s certainly something to consider if you don’t enjoy cleaning gutters in your spare time.

Ease of use

Too many gutters can get clogged. Aluminum has special properties that let debris move through more easily. This is truly a one-of-a-kind feature of a gutter. There is no point in wasting your time on gutters that take all of your time and effort. Your home is meant to be enjoyed.

Protect of water damage

The whole point of a gutter is to protect from water accumulation. The reason choose aluminum is that no other gutter will do the job quite as well. The temperament of the metal is something that you will not find in other gutter products. Nothing else will prevent rot and water buildup. You need your gutters to keep your house dry, there is no use in fidgeting around with anything else. For more information, please check out this section.

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Diamond plate has been used in many industries for various applications. Consistently it has failed to meet the required standards as far as slip resistance is concerned, consequently leading to fall and slip accidents that can easily be prevented or rather be avoided by simply installing proper walking surface.

Below is a checklist of some of the best alternatives to slick the diamond plate. We shall also discuss how to choose a diamond plate that will fit your needs.

If the following applies to your application, then the expanded metal is the best option for you:

Stock sizes or custom sizes required

Expanded metal are normally stocked in simple sizes which can later be fabricated for installation.

A cost efficient solution needed

Expanded metal that is coated with slip resistant factor can actually increase the traction and can also be installed over the existing diamond plate without necessarily having to replace it completely.


The application requires drainage

The expanded metal can always be retrofitted over the existing slick, grating it in order to provide the drainage that is actually required. The slip resistant layer will basically retain traction.

The perforated plate is ideal if the following factors hold:

The application calls for a very flat surface with drainage abilities

The perforated plate combines the high traction surface of the plate with the drainage of grating. If you apply the slip resistant layer, then you can increase the traction without destroying the drainage characteristics of the diamond plate.

A cost efficient alternative to grating required

The perforated metal plate has a lighter property, it is also cost efficient alternative to the bar grating. Drainage can still be made possible and the perforated metal plate can also be ordered with different types of hole-spacing to choose from.

If the application calls for a particular or rather a specific size of the perforated metal plate or the fabrication can be done probably in the field.

The perforated metal plate can be made into different stock sizes according to the requirements and can actually be customized. They can also be made to meet the specifications of a particular job. The perforated metal plate has plenty of uses- it can be used for ramps, mezzanines, stairs and other uses or rather applications.

Remember, despite the matter application, applying diamond plate will definitely increase the surface traction. This will keep your workers or you on your feet.

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“Century of Flight”
Exhilarating Entertainment for the Entire Family!



Royal Canadian Air Force
CF-18 Hornet!
Feel the speed, experience the thrills!


Metal Mulisha
Rockstar FMX Team! (Freestyle Motocross)

236248Watch these international stars come back to their roots here in the North State for some high-flyin’ freestyle motocross thrills!

Pemberton Aerosports!


Don’t Miss the thrilling aerobatics of
Rex and Melissa Pemberton!

Team Rocket

Featuring Ken Fowler and Eric Hansen

Plus!  Mystery Act!

P-51 Demo

Yak 55

Jelly Belly Stearman

Search and Rescue Demo

Radio Control Demo


Coast Guard C-130

Coast Guard HH65 Hilicopter

Warbird Displays

Classic Car Displays

Don’t Miss the FlightZone For Kids!

Educational and FUN activities for kids, including
-Wind tunnel demonstration and other projects led by the Gateway Science Museum.
-Build your very own Delta Dart with the Oroville Air Corps

-Meet six-time member of the US Aerobatic Team and first woman to win the title of
US National Aerobatic Champion – PATTY WAGSTAFF!!
-Take home a Chico Air Show Activity Book

!!! Enter to win a ride in a small airplane !!!
Enjoy snacks and refreshments provided by Save Mart Supermarkets
Free ear plugs compliments of Bartlett’s Hearing Aid Center
Visit the Michael’s Craft Center!
FlightZone for Kids sponsored in part by Graphic Fox Ink., Michaels, SaveMart, R.W. Knudsen,
BigLots! and Staples
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